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Terms & Conditions


Upon purchasing, your personal information will be handled responsibly. We guarantee that no personal information will be handed to third parties.


  • You can get the item personally (without shipping) in Vilnius.
  • To other cities in Lithuania or abroad, we send through Lietuvos Paštas' registered priority shipping.
  • Completed jewelry is delivered to the client in an exquisite, personally made package and bag, perfect for gifts.

  • When the order is completed and the item is finished, we will inform you by email or by phone via a text message your shipment tracking code. With this code you will be able to track your shipments status and approximate location.

Shipping costs

Shipping inside the European Union - €5.

Shipping outside the European Union - Šˆ€10. 


You can pay directly by bank transfer or by electronic payments systems "PayPal" and "Paysera".